Agriculture is the most advanced technology for addressing climate change.

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Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen dramatically over the past century. Our goal is to remove 1 trillion tons of it and bring the concentration back to pre-Industrial Revolution levels. To accomplish that we have to both cut our emissions and draw down the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. While climate change can seem insurmountable, agriculture presents a scalable solution that we can act on right now, starting with the soil beneath our feet.

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From the Atmosphere to the Soil

The Terraton Initiative is leading the charge to incentivize grower adoption of regenerative farming practices. These methods have been implemented by a small group of farmers for decades, but haven’t been encouraged at scale. They include things like not disturbing the soil, planting cover crops so the ground is always covered by plants, reducing the use of chemicals and fertilizers, rotating different crops on the soil, and integrating livestock—and have the potential to significantly improve the health of our soil and planet. By encouraging these types of farming practices, we can harness a scalable and affordable solution to address climate change—starting today.

Empowering Change for Everyone

Did you know that regenerative farming practices enable our soils to pull carbon dioxide from our atmosphere? By collaborating with farmers, we have the potential to draw down one trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—the amount of carbon dioxide that has accumulated in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution—and address the damage caused by it.

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A global challenge can only be overcome with a global effort. Together, we can support farmers transitioning to regenerative farming methods, and return one trillion tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to the soil. For us, for you, and for future generations—let’s act now.

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The relationship between the climate and agriculture is an intimate one that has been forgotten.

Paul Hawken, Environmentalist

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